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What are marijuana clones?

Cloning is the process used to create genetically identical plants. When cloning a marijuana plant, a cutting (clone) is taken from a mature plant and placed in a rooting medium, where it develops roots. Once new vegetative growth appears on the clone, it can be safely transplanted, either to a larger pot, or outside.

Is Kush Sativa or Indica?

With a naturally present 20% THC, Hindu Kush has been classified as one of the purest Indicas on the planet. Like other Indicas, the Hindu Kush plant is short, and has dark green buds with orange hairs. The plant gives off a strong, floral aroma.

Updates from Greenstone Society

Updates and Specials from Greenstone Society Updates for our Patients and Caregivers: We have some new specials and strains at Greenstone Society. You can always have a look at our full menu by clicking here. Incredible New Strains to Announce: Tangie (PICTURED BELOW,...

Vape Pen Cannabis Cartridges at Greenstone Society

Vape Pen Cartridge Special at Greenstone Society For a limited time: the biggest deal available on cartridges is happening at Greenstone Society!  Get 3 Cartridges for only $110  Do you love your vape pen and are looking to try new cartridges or save money on your...

Concentrates and Rotating Specials – Greenstone Society

Concentrates and Rotating Specials Don’t forget – EVERY THURSDAY IS TERPY THURSDAY – our members receive 15% off all orders of $50 or more! Waxy Wednesday at Greenstone Society is always 20% off most concentrates and 10% off brand name concentrates and...

Concentrates at Greenstone Society – Dabbers Daily

Fire Concentrates Available at Greenstone Society Greenstone Society is fully stocked with all the best concentrates! We always offer an every day concentrate special – If you buy 2 grams of any in-house concentrates, you will always get a half gram of equal or lesser...

Love Medibles? New Twisted Vittles Special at Greenstone Society

Twisted Vittles Special at Greenstone Society Patients love our Twisted Vittles baked medibles so we’ve decided to offer something special! For a limited time, you can get three 50mg Double Chocolate Chunk cookies for only $10! Twisted Vittles are lab tested and have...

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