Patients love our Twisted Vittles baked medibles so we’ve decided to offer something special! For a limited time, you can get three 50mg Double Chocolate Chunk cookies for only $10!

Twisted Vittles are lab tested and have phenomenal patient reviews! The taste is amazing as the potency.

From their Weedmaps profile:

About Twisted Vittles

When you can pair food and wine together, just right, it becomes special, something to remember, and something you want to try again and again.

Twisted Vittles is the company striving to achieve that in every product we make. With only the finest ingredients used in this unique line of infused edibles.

The story starts some time ago in the infant stages of the medical marijuana industry. With State laws being passed in 2008 patients were eagerly looking for edible choices to help their medical conditions. We saw an incredible opportunity to help patients, with not only quality of life but with a smile and a laugh or two. With the founding partner having owned and operated local dispensaries in the area. It gave tremendous insight to the company like no other. Adding a co partner Executive Chef with over 25 years in the culinary industry seemed like a match made for the ages. Together we have found that harmony that when it’s right you just know it. Once you try our line you’ll know we care about our patients and the wellbeing they seek.

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