What Are Marijuana Clones?
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Have you ever found something you loved so much you wished you could clone it? That can easily happen when you discover an amazing marijuana strain your customers are raving about, or one you personally love! But, as a grower, how can you be sure you will continue to get that same plant? Marijuana clones remove the guess work and yield an exact replica of the original plant.

Cloning is the process used to create genetically identical plants. When cloning a marijuana plant, a cutting (clone) is taken from a mature plant and placed in a rooting medium, where it develops roots. Once new vegetative growth appears on the clone, it can be safely transplanted, either to a larger pot, or outside. The clone will grow and mature into a plant that is identical to the original plant. Cloning is the most reliable way to produce plants with the attributes you’ve identified as desirable.
There’s a lot of debate among growers as to whether seeds or clones deliver a superior product. As with most things, there are pros and cons to each.

Benefits of clone vs. seed

  • Guarantees preservation of genetics
  • A cloned plant has the same ratio of THC to CBD as the mother plant
  • You can keep a favorite marijuana strain going indefinitely
  • Ensures gender of plant is female
  • You know what you’ll get, eliminating trial and error that is costly and frustrating to growers
  • Faster to harvest, as clone is already a plant, and doesn’t need time to germinate
  • In the earlier stages of development, clones tend to be stronger than delicate seedlings

Of course, nothing’s perfect, and there are some drawbacks to using clones. Unlike seeds, clones never develop a taproot, which may mean the mature cloned plant is not as strong as a plant grown from seed. Also, if a cutting is taken from a mother plant that has a disease, that disease will be transmitted to the clone.

Unlike clones, seeds do develop a taproot, leading to more vigorous plants. Seeds are easy to obtain, and easy to produce yourself, and are free of pests or disease. But, although plants grown from seed will be similar to parents, they will exhibit slight variations in characteristics.

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