What is Marijuana Wax and How To Use It?
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Marijuana wax is a resin concentrate that is extracted from cannabis oil. As a concentrate, wax has a higher, more potent, concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) than flower buds. THC is the chemical compound that produces psychoactive effects like euphoria, as well as many medical benefits. High quality marijuana wax may contain over 90% THC, as compared to the 15-18% present in regular marijuana, so wax delivers a quick, intense high. If you’re looking for medical benefits without the high, CBD wax can also be made or purchased.

Other names for marijuana wax include dabs, butane hash oil (BHO), and 710. Wax concentrates are usually smoked or vaporized, although they can be eaten.

How to use marijuana wax

  • Dabbing – uses a dab rig. The dab nail is heated with a blowtorch. When the temperature reaches the desired heat (at least 300-400 degrees) the “dab” of wax is placed on the hot nail where it immediately vaporizes and is then inhaled.
  • Vaping – uses a vaporizer. To vape your wax, you need to first convert it into a liquid. Follow these easy steps for turning your wax concentrate into liquid you can vape suggested by Cannabisser Marijuana News.
  • On or in a joint – add wax to your flower buds as you roll a joint, or pack in a bowl. Or ‘twax’ your joint – a term originated by @TWAXGang, meaning to apply wax concentrates, “to the inside, outside, or tip of your rolls/bowls in any way shape or form.” Here’s a visual guide on how to ‘twax’.

How to make marijuana wax

When making wax, the consistency will vary, depending on factors like heat, moisture, and the original texture of the oil. Some waxes will be softer and stickier, like “budder”, while others will be harder and more brittle, like “crumble.”

  • BHO method – The BHO method of making wax is probably the best known. However, because butane is a flammable solvent, there have been many explosions, injuries, and deaths linked to this extraction method. There can also be harmful residual chemicals left in the end product.
  • Rosin method – A much safer option for home production of wax is the rosin method, which yields approximately the same THC level as the BHO method, and uses no harmful solvents. The method is simple and requires only a few supplies, including parchment paper, flat iron/hair straightener (digital temperature display helpful), oven mitt, cannabis buds, and an optional press, vice, or bar clamp. The Key to Cannabis shows how to make wax at home in six easy steps. Or make it really easy on yourself, and check out the offerings at your local dispensary!

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